Sorry to Inform you...

2008-04-09 19:43:23 by Major-punk

Hello Friends of Major-Punk,

I regret to inform you that Tyler Johnston has passed away today.
This account is now a memorial and will be checked daily for comments or question regarding Tyler.
I am one of his friends from highschool and he asked me to deposit points for him when he was away so I have access to his account.

Me and all of the people who know Tyler are very sad and confused of why Tyler did this but if you want more details please leave a comment and I will be happy to reply.

R.I.P Tyler Johnston August 29 1990 - April 9 2008.

Hang overs kick my ass

2007-07-30 12:53:27 by Major-punk

For my first news post, I will attempt to distract myself from this god awful-brain bleeding hangover.

I mean seriously? This is terrible. I can't eat or drink.. anything. Music, light, sitting still -> it all hurts.

Hopefully some good bud will help. ... or at least will put me to sleep through it. haha