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Rest In Peace.

Tyler Johnston @Major-punk

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Comments (36)

Wat happend?

If it's true... R.I.P.

Sorry to hear that. I remember that he had some good times on Newgrounds with me. It's never nice to hear that someone you know, even as a personality online has passed away.

Rest in Peace... if you're joking, I'll come after you with something big, sharp and possibly on fire!


It is true, and thank you for your comment it's good to hear from people tyler knew.

You serious? I certainly hope not, but if this si true he will be missed. We shared first names and a love for newgrounds. RIP Tyler.

Thanks for your comment it is true. :( thanks for your concern and your relationship with Tyler.


If it's true, don't stop submitting the ADOLF HITLER: CAI493+D. Do for memory. Do it for Tyler! DO IT FOR THE LULZ!!!

Thanks for your comment, i too want this to keep going, i think Tyler would of liked it. :D

I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know him super well, but we'd talked a few times in various topics, and he was a pretty nice guy and funny poster.

Friend-of-Tyler, you said this in the newspost: "Me and all of the people who know Tyler are very sad and confused of why Tyler did this but if you want more details please leave a comment and I will be happy to reply." Yet two people have asked for more details, essentially ("Wat happend?" and "what????"), yet you haven't given any answers beyond "why Tyler did this," which certainly implies a whole range of possibilities, none of them good. Do tell?

I do tell them, but in a private message. I don't want to say it in public, but I can send you details if you want but i'm going to his funeral tomorrow.

But... how did he died?

If you respond to me in private i can tell you there.

Okay I just found out Major-punk died. Well now I feel guilty for trying to pass him in b/p, not really though. R.I.P. young Tyler

Haha thanks for your comment iscrulz, yeah everyday he would tell me how he was getting more b/p, he would always tell me to make an account on newgrounds but i never did. But thanks anyway for your concern and im glad he knew some people on newgrounds.


This is bad. I remember Major-Punk on the BBS and he was a swell guy. I'm really sorry to hear about this terrible news, but I appreciate the fact that you've informed us all about what happened to him.

RIP Major-Punk

Also, if you can PM me the details on what happened exactly, I'd greatly appreciate it.


People have done this way too many times, so I naturally don't believe it. However, the difference between your typing style and his makes me wonder.

Either way, I still want proof. PM me about it.

No way man. That's terrible... R.I.P. Major-Punk, you will be missed.

i did not know jack squat about him, but still, i feel sorry for is friends, family, and himself, i pm could you tell me what happened

Could you tell me what he did?

Could you please PM me what happened?

wat a joke

If anyone is wondering, this actually is true. I know it's been done many times before, which makes it really hard to believe... but this time it's true.

Man... Tyler, you will be missed :(

This is just horrible. Rest in peace.

How did he die? Anyway he was an awesome member of NG and probably also awesome in real life? RIP dude

That is heavy man.
I'm on his favourite authors; really wasn't expecting that when I clicked his page. I remember he left me a really good review on 'Ctrl+Alt+Tuesday'. One of the few who understood the perfect timing of it.

If you still check these, and don't mind me asking, what happened? I loved this guys opinionated honesty. I know he loved this place as much of the rest of us. Feel free to PM me the story.

Rest In Peace Tyler~

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