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I enjoyed this flash very much. I was expecting that the flips would be actually real drawn but the effect of the real flipping book and the flash was pretty neat. I hope to see more from you!


The beginning was a bit dull and it seemed to take awhile to get to the actual humour, but by the end I definately wasn't dissapointed. ^_^

It's kinda creepy because I have the name tyler too, at first I was like "wha?" but yeah, coincidence. =P
Not sure what else to add... happy clock day!

SlashFirestorm responds:

It's a giant inside joke, heh. Apparently this prick was hanging out with his friend, and when she went into the bathroom, he started whacking off. When she came back and freaked out, it took him all of a few minutes for her to ignore the fact that she had a boyfriend and jerk him off, too.

LOL THAT HAS TO BE THE MOST RETARDED METHOD OF CHEATING ON SOMEONE EVAR. I mean, when I convinced a married woman to sleep with me, we had hotel and dinner reservations months in advance and condoms and lube bought beforehand and such! We were meticulous!

HAHAH what a loser he is, and now his loserness has been immortalized in the portal. :-D

Hahaha! Brilliant!

Awesome, awesome, awesome job on this Slash!

I swear man, you have the soul of a poet or however the saying goes. Just the way you described this tale was amazing and by that I mean the words you chose to use, hard to explain but things like "emerged", "slay" and "foe" are cool words you just don't hear everyday, it's the little things that made this feel so realistic! ^_^

The drawings were kinda cool and had a cartoonish edge, and I thought the uniform was simple yet futuristic. Yes a sexy uniform ^_~
This also reminded me of some of those old power ranger games, the style you created and the music you used together made this really enjoyable.

I'll check out the rest of your flash in the next few days, and wow I never realized you had so many. Best of luck with your Clock Day submission! 4/5.

SlashFirestorm responds:

Heheh, my writing and sound selection is what compensates for utter inability to make pretty pictures. XD

Slash's armor is made of high-strength trichronite, a nearly indestructable material that provides enormous protection against wide-dispersal energy and blunt force attacks, but is vunerable to piercing attacks, such as blades and bullets.

LOL a lot of my other flash is sheer crap I was just co-authored to. Me and Molotov's Secret Episode is my pride and joy, except for the Slash Returns series.

Thanks for the review! Looking forward to passing you in B/P again...I'm only one rank behind you now! :evil laugh:

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Looks great

Alot of great features you addded this time that simply makes this game more enjoyable. Like a choice of insects, falling items, music and a background. All good stuff that reflects positively on your score. =)

The highscore table you mentioned in the authors comments sounds like an excellent idea, it would really make this even more addicting as people strive to rise in the ranking, good idea.

If I can make a suggestion maybe an option if you would like the falling items or not? Like personally I thought it would be easier to gain a really high score if you didn't have to dodge the falling debris and as soon as you make momentum towards the bug zapper it's over....

Anyway great game, glad to review it and my final score was 606 incase you wanted to know. 5/5. ^_^

Fion responds:

Back for more eh? Did you notice that your in the credits, I used your idea from the last one. Glad you liked it. However, I don't see any point in continuing making upgrading this game, so no high score table will be added:(.Thanks for the review

Heh good one

This was good for a quick laugh but I got bored of it pretty quickly, always being denied entry to programs such as flash or the internet became a little annoying after awhile and I can imagine some funny contenet hidden in the "bookmarks" section of the internet if you catch my drift. ^_~

So yeah, basically it was fun but the lack of things to do made this grow boring quickly though. Best of luck on future projects! 2/5.

Zerobeam responds:

-_- hello world!


Oh man that crazy bitch is ridiculous, the entire video clip was hilarious.
It's like the message shes sending is 'believe in my God or I'll hurt you" heh really christian like. ^_^

Anyway this updated version is much better and I had a few good laughs. 4/5.

FattyWhale responds:

I don't really understand her train of thought during this whole thing either, glad you liked it

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I really don't know much about techno so I'll just tell ya what I think about it. =)

I thought this was good, really upbeat and has a large variety of sounds which is awesome.

I'm trying to think of what kind of submission this could work well with and I'm thinking of some kind of tetris or space invaders game. Like a game that requires strategy and this music could keep their mind sharp eh? ^_~

Anyway it sounded good and sorry if I can't really give you any 'tips' but oh well. =/

Frostbreath responds:

You're out of your mind. But thanks.


At first I was surprised you made this. =P
(no offence)

It has so many good sounds that are clear and crisp. Your tune also has that relaxed feeling and all together as a whole sounds very smooth.

But as I listen on, I begin to become a little less impressed since the loop is so short and becomes repetitive, and never really breaks out of the loop.
Just goes on and on and on...

I like music that can tell a story with the imagination, whether it be by having fast beat to represent action then a slow beat for resolution etc.
Or anything you want it to be, but try not to just put sounds together for the hell of it and loop it because if I can't get in the 'zone' then you'll never get a good score.

Authors Comments play a large role on first impressions, your comments didn't help you much.

ADT responds:

Thanks for the review! I know my audio isn't the best but I like this audio the way it is! For my comments your correct about first impressions but I was only telling the truth and I wouldn't change my comments even if I could.

Seems like it's holding back

I keep expecting (and hoping) for it to just break from the hold and make some hardcore music with no limits. =P

Your getting better, just still not quite there. =/

Anyway keep up the good work I'll review the rest of your audio in the near future. Best of luck!

ADT responds:

Yeah I messed up this one I think my best audio would have to be my forth and seventh but I let you make up your mind on that one.

Rest In Peace.

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