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BugZapper 2 BugZapper 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Looks great

Alot of great features you addded this time that simply makes this game more enjoyable. Like a choice of insects, falling items, music and a background. All good stuff that reflects positively on your score. =)

The highscore table you mentioned in the authors comments sounds like an excellent idea, it would really make this even more addicting as people strive to rise in the ranking, good idea.

If I can make a suggestion maybe an option if you would like the falling items or not? Like personally I thought it would be easier to gain a really high score if you didn't have to dodge the falling debris and as soon as you make momentum towards the bug zapper it's over....

Anyway great game, glad to review it and my final score was 606 incase you wanted to know. 5/5. ^_^

Fion responds:

Back for more eh? Did you notice that your in the credits, I used your idea from the last one. Glad you liked it. However, I don't see any point in continuing making upgrading this game, so no high score table will be added:(.Thanks for the review

Winzows BETA Winzows BETA

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Heh good one

This was good for a quick laugh but I got bored of it pretty quickly, always being denied entry to programs such as flash or the internet became a little annoying after awhile and I can imagine some funny contenet hidden in the "bookmarks" section of the internet if you catch my drift. ^_~

So yeah, basically it was fun but the lack of things to do made this grow boring quickly though. Best of luck on future projects! 2/5.

Zerobeam responds:

-_- hello world!

[SB] Spiritual Warrior SE [SB] Spiritual Warrior SE

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Oh man that crazy bitch is ridiculous, the entire video clip was hilarious.
It's like the message shes sending is 'believe in my God or I'll hurt you" heh really christian like. ^_^

Anyway this updated version is much better and I had a few good laughs. 4/5.

FattyWhale responds:

I don't really understand her train of thought during this whole thing either, glad you liked it

Chrono Trigger FF Demo Chrono Trigger FF Demo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I had some fun with this, I thought the beginning was a little boring like while I was being told about this battle and being introduced to the story and everything I just wanted to skip it. So maybe adding a "skip" button?

Anyway quick reactions, cool sound effects and simple controls. The basic formula for a fun game. 4/5. =)

catbrush responds:

I'm glad you had fun with it. I should really put a skip button in. Yes.

NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6 NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the sketches

Overall I thought this was great, I really liked the style the backgrounds had with those sketchy shadings and the same with the 'game over' screen and how Pico could pick up the bodies and use it as a shield. =)
The gameplay was quick to react and very simple. Pico's facial expression really lightened the mood for me and made it more enjoyable. The music was a good match because of it's high pace and 'alive' mood, and it simply sounds good too.

But just a few things I'd like to see IMO:
I would've liked to see the bullets travel after Pico shoots though. Like a little black dot that just flies across the screen and into the enemies chest would be so satisfying to see...

Also more blood. So maybe instead of blood only coming out after the enemies die have a little bit dramatically spray off with every shot? (specificaly the blue guys in the first few levels).

Anyway a great Pico Day submission, excellent work Bezman this turned out awesome. 4/5.

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Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot for the great review.

Xenon really is a great musician.

Seeing bullets... I was gonna have a white line kinda thing, but then I though, "the bullets travel in like 1 frame... drawing bullets would just be silly."

Blood - yeah. Didn't put it in due to lack of time. But I'll totally put in proper animations for every collision now that we have the time.

Glad you enjoyed it.

review of your review:

Generally an uplifting effort. You liked the game it seems. It's therefore easy to praise. But while doing so, you bother to pick out a few specific aspects, which really brings a smile to my face.

constructive criticism/suggestions: You make a couple of points. Both fairly well thought out, well explained and sensible.

exposition of experience: It'd have been nice to know how far you got... maybe if you'd had much trouble dying... You do relay a few points though, about the general experience - "The gameplay was quick to react and very simple. Pico's facial expression really lightened the mood for me and made it more enjoyable."

praise/encouragement: Lots. And some fairly specific stuff too.

clarity of expression: You would be surprised how often I struggle to work out what exactly a reviewer means. With you this wasn't a problem.

elaboration & being specific: Where suitable you do explain exactly what you mean, leaving no doubt in my mind. And where you praise the music, you give reasons.

coverage (how much): As good as can be realistically expected.

overall: 8/10
Brilliant review.
Thanks so much!
My only real suggestions are for maybe an indication of how far you got in the game (I'm curious, yaknow?) and maybe even more criticism. But the latter is me just being greedy. Can't get enough of that constructive criticism, specially when it's as well written as the pieces you gave.

BugZapper BugZapper

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very, very nice

First off, very addictive, the game is so simple and short that I'm finding myself going "....Just one more game, just one more game" it's like a wonderful drug. ;_;

I think it would be cool though if you added some stray bits of electricity coming from the bug zapper thingy like static or something, like they won't do anything but I think it would be a good visual effect.
And some music would be a good thing to maybe add too.

Fun game, I definately enjoyed this. 4/5. ^_^

Fion responds:

Good to hear this positive review. I am currently working on an updated version of this game and small ideas such as the stray bits of electricity that do nothing are helping me put it together. Thanks for the comment. Look out for the second game, maybe your idea will be in it.

Star Day 2006: milinko959 Star Day 2006: milinko959

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Happy Star Day!

Heh, this is a good collection of all your previous soundboards, not any noticeable changes I could see for them. The filesize was a big pain in the ass but theres not much else you can do to shrink it down, this is as simple and straight forward as it can be which is good.

So yeah, a fun submission for Star Day but I was a little bored by this personally since I already seen it before.
Oh and maybe when Star Day is over you could change the name to like "Milinko's soundboard collection" or something , oh well no big deal. 3/5.

FattyWhale responds:

yeah, I figured I'd throw this together after I saw something similar done. Good ol star day.

Fentruck Soundboard Fentruck Soundboard

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Heh, cool.

This isn't something I'd come back to watch again and again but it was a nice surprise to hear an old familiar voice. ^_^

This might just be me but when I think of soundboards I immediately think about prank calls after, and I don't think these voice clips would work very well because mostly they're entire sentences and not single replies like "yes" or "hello" that work well with prank calls.

I guess the point I'm trying to get at is I'm thinking to myself as I'm randomly clicking these buttons is 'what's this for?' so I think of prank calls and that's why I was relating to things like shorter voice clips but whatever....

Anyway the sound quality and the selection was good, there were a few things I was looking for and didn't find like the basic "yes", "no". However this is excellent for killing time and a quick blast from the past and I enjoyed it. Good work wizardman. 3/5.

wizardman responds:

Well, I listened to himas many times as I could, and not once did I hear him say "yes", "no", "hello" etc. That plus the fact that I can't do his accent meant that those critical soundboard quotes weren't able to be put in. Thanks for the long review though. I'l make sure to put simpler quotes in the next one (I chopped this one up about as much as I could have given the context).

Orbox B Orbox B

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent game!

First of all great filesize, I appreciate it!

Everything looked neat and organized overall, the main menu specificaly and it really gave a great first impression. The background with the stars combined with the *air pressure-like* sound effects gave this a cool futuristic feeling and there was alot of detail put into everything.

Just a suggestion:
Somewhere in a corner have a little timer so after someone beats the game the first time they can try to beat their own score or you could give them some sort of grade by how long it took them, yanno?

Another thing that could go with that is if someone is really, really stuck they could buy a 'hint' and that hint could cost some time and what that hint would do is light up the brick they are supposed to bounce of next?


Anyway I had fun with this game, although I couldn't beat it because well I don't have the attention span (haha) but that's a good thing it shows this game is more then enough and an even more challenging to finish making the reward feel even better.

Great work again, I notice you have quite a few quality games here. I might go review them all soon. 5/5. ^_^

GameBalance responds:

Hey thanks!
I don't realy like timers in flash. But perhaps that could be good with this.

what the fack what the fack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome GAME!

Just one thing I think you should know that if you right click and press play during the game then suddenly twice as many milk bottles come at you which I got a good chuckle from but I just thought you should know about it. ^_^

Everything looked very professional with easy going music, large easy to click buttons and just the main menu layout looked visually appealing.

The "story" was pretty funny too and I almost enjoyed that as much as the game, you've got quite the creative mind, heh.

Anyway I thought this was a fun, simple remake of an already successful game so I give you a 4.