Entry #1

Hang overs kick my ass

2007-07-30 12:53:27 by Major-punk

For my first news post, I will attempt to distract myself from this god awful-brain bleeding hangover.

I mean seriously? This is terrible. I can't eat or drink.. anything. Music, light, sitting still -> it all hurts.

Hopefully some good bud will help. ... or at least will put me to sleep through it. haha


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2007-07-30 14:00:21

Try having a hangover and dishing out a can of dog/cat food... bleh, the brown chunks!


2007-07-30 14:02:12

yea dude. bud is the best cure. and water. and a banana.

Major-punk responds:

That's actually really good advice.. thanks bro. Next time.


2007-08-06 18:54:49

I wish i coulda shared my Jack Heir with you, that bud will cure anything, even AIDS.

Major-punk responds:


That would of been almost too good.


2007-08-11 15:36:09

I want to go to Canada. It's my motherland!

Major-punk responds:

Your from here eh?

You really should come before summer ends. It's not too fun visiting when it's too cold to go outside, fucking -30c winters. >:(


2007-08-14 03:45:45

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero.


2007-08-27 11:34:36

The trainwreck we got in recently was pretty damn good! Same goes for the Sour Diesel, SOME DELICIOUSSSS NUGGAGE. open up!

Major-punk responds:

Nice man, I don't think I've tried those strains before. But theres some good dro going around here right now, hardly any burnout. =)

BTW the computer I use aim on hasn't worked in a long time. Bleh..

Did you happen to send the letter yet?


2007-11-02 22:48:07

next time dont drink.


2007-11-07 20:30:44

hey man, i think you are hung-over. maybe some good bud will help. it must have been terrible.


2007-12-06 15:34:37

Your 17, you should not have a hangover.


2008-04-02 17:35:19

Can you put my name on ur flash plz?